I am a romance novelist, a freelance writer, and a freelance photographer. I have a variety of published Ebooks and online articles based on topics as diverse as home improvement, ballroom dancing, fitness, marketing and research, , computer programs and business associations. I provide SEO copy to industry-leading Web
content providers.
I am happily married to my best friend. We share five children, nine grandchildren, a dog and a fish. We also share a crazy roller-coaster of a life and we depend on each other to make through the laughter and the tears. I think in words. I am amazed at how many ways we use 26 letters to create so many unique stories and I love being a part of that process. I have been a writer and for as long as I can remember. When I was very little, I made up stories in my head and told them to anyone who would listen. As a teen, I voiced all my teen angst in hand-written notebooks, pouring out such horrible writing, it's a wonder the paper itself didn't protest. As I grew older, I joined a writers group that was instrumental in teaching me the fundamentals of crafting a story to t-shirt drucken lassen and developing it into something more than a vague idea. I am blessed to be able to earn a living writing both non-fiction and fiction and I count those blessings every day! My hope for you is that you too, can do something you love every day .

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